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As an architectural discipline that is founded on established principles, Vastu has been well-developed and tested over time. If you are considering purchasing a property that is Vastu-compliant, it is important to keep in mind certain basic principles of Vastu for a new house in order to achieve long-term tranquility, prosperity, and joy. Vastu covers various aspects of design, including layout, ground measurements, spatial arrangement, and structural geometry.

It can be challenging for contractors to guarantee that properties adhere to Vastu principles. Therefore, if you follow Vastu and are planning to buy a new home, it is essential to ensure that the property follows the specific guidelines of Vastu for a new house. Vastu suggests the proper colors, layout, shape, and directions for each room in the house in order to promote happiness and satisfaction among the residents.

According to Vastu, the energy present within a house can have an impact on its occupants. Therefore, it is important to understand the relationship between positive energy in the home and the principles of Vastu

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Creating harmonious living spaces with Vastu - Ancient Indian Science

Vastu is a traditional Indian architectural practice that is based on the principles of harmonizing the built environment with natural forces. The aim of Vastu is to create a positive and supportive living or working space that promotes health, prosperity, and well-being. By following the guidelines of Vastu, individuals can create a sense of balance and harmony in their homes or businesses, which can lead to improved quality of life. Vastu is often considered to be an important aspect of building design in India and has gained popularity in other parts of the world as well.

Vastu: the key to unlocking your home's potential.

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