With the unwavering confidence in the mantra that ‘only good quality and great design stands the test of time; we continue delivering to thousands of happy customers.
Established in 2009, Vajram group is the new generation Bengaluru based Real Estate Company. We have a committed passion for creating functional, user-centric, environmentally sustainable spaces using materials of the highest quality and engineering excellence. Our roots are firmly established in the construction industry. We have been delivering quality residential and commercial projects built on the core values that are embedded in us, from the blueprint to brick. With the unwavering confidence in the mantra that ‘only good quality and great design stands the test of time,’ we Continue delivering to hundreds of happy customers. This drive to passionately transform the face of residential and commercial properties in a market flooded with uninspired design and products fuels Vajram’s vision to build high-quality properties with inspiring designs that will stand out clearly on any city’s skyline. Our persistent quest to embrace the latest engineering technologies, diligently focus on timely delivery of projects, identify the best land parcels in fast-growth areas, and the constant pursuit of implementing excellent business standards has led us to being acknowledged by our customers as a top-notch builder in the industry. Since our inception, we have been developing residential and commercial projects in various strategic locations across Bengaluru. We have delivered around 3 million Sq. ft and are poised to deliver another 5 million sq. ft by 2025. We are highly committed to justifying customers’ investment and not compromising on product design, quality, and delivery, affirming transparency in all spheres of business. As we look into the future, we remain staunchly committed to creating better living spaces where people can work, live, and enjoy.


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