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Property legal services involve the representation and protection of individuals and businesses in matters related to real estate. It includes the drafting and review of contracts, the handling of transactions and disputes, and the representation of clients in court proceedings. Property legal services are essential for ensuring that individuals and businesses have the legal support you need to navigate the complex world of real estate. Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or developing property, it is important to have an experienced property lawyer on your side to protect your interests and rights.

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Importance of Consulting a Legal Expert

Purchasing a property is likely the largest and most costly decision a person will make in their lifetime. Engaging the services of a real estate lawyer can help make the process of buying a property go more smoothly.


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Hiring a legal expert when buying a property is important for several reasons. First, a legal expert can ensure that all necessary paperwork and documents are properly completed and filed. This can help prevent delays or issues with the closing process. Second, a legal expert can help negotiate the terms of the purchase, including the price and any contingencies. This can be especially important if there are any complications or disputes that arise during the process. Third, a legal expert can provide guidance on any legal issues or questions that may come up during the purchase process, such as zoning regulations or homeowner association rules. 


Key Documents to Check Before Buying a Property

Key Documents to Check Before Buying a Property
Buying a property is an expensive affair. Any mistake in the legal due diligence could land you in serious legal disputes. That’s why it’s important that you maintain caution and check all the important documents before you sign the deal.

Take a look at some of the most important documents you must verify before buying a property:

Property documents
You must check all the property-related documents, including Title documents (sale deed, gift deed, will, succession certificate) and the nature of title (freehold or leasehold). In addition, you must ensure all the Title documents are duly stamped & registered.
Construction approval
In case you are buying an apartment from a builder, you must check approvals from the local municipal body. Additionally, you should check for approvals for water, sewage, fire safety, environment clearance, etc.
Land use permission
Most states do not permit sale of agricultural land for non-agriculture purposes. It's important that you check the property is built in compliance with such zoning plans.
Encumbrance certificate
A property that has been mortgaged is said to have an 'encumbrance'. This means there is already an outstanding loan against the property. It's best to avoid buying properties which have encumbrances. An Encumbrance Certificate can help clarify whether the property has any encumbrances.
Occupancy certificate
It's a document issued by local government agencies to certify that the project has been completed in compliance with laws and regulations. This certificate must be obtained by the Builder as an indication that the building is safe for occupancy.
Tax payment receipts
Make sure the seller has paid all the property taxes to the municipal authorities. You must also ask for the receipts for the same. If the seller has not paid the taxes before selling the property, the burden may fall on the new buyer.

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